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DisneySea Long Beach (2001-3)
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DisneySEA as of 8-25-03
View of Discovery Cove & Mysterious Island

Construction on the DisneySeas Long Beach project began on August 20, 2001. DisneySeas Long Beach is based on the newly opened Tokyo DisneySea, yet most of the design is almost entirely original for this "spin-off" park. The model covers 3 partial sections of the park including 2 "sub-sections."

Original concept sketches.

The first area is the American Waterfront: Coast to Coast. The area is divided into 3 "sub-sections": Sequoia Coast, New York and New England. Sequoia Coast is based on the California coastal redwoods and the architectural style of Big Sur. This area includes the major eating establishent of Claim Jumper and a kid-sized suspended roller coaster that darts in and out of both real and artificial redwood trees.

Sequoia Coast 8-23-03
The Redwoods are yet to be installed.

New Mysterious Island bridge next to SC.

The second "sub-section" of the American Waterfront is New York City. Designed with the architectural style of the early 1900's and the atmosphere and trends of the roaring 20's, it's the ideal nostalgic New York. The main dining sponsor for this section is the Chart House featuring a two-story dining room. There are also several other smaller dining options in the area such as Phil's Philly Shop and Starbucks (disguised in the deisgn of a speakeasy). There is an open courtyard with an area for evening swing dancing with a performance stage across the dock. The DisneySeas Electric Railway has its roots in NYC and travels overhead throughout the buildings' facades. A dark ride with a taxi theme is currently in development for the area within the mountain.
New York will also hold the satellite officies of Walt Disney Imagineering at the park. Located on the upper floors of the Marc Davis Building (white and navy building), the LaFontaine Building (maroon building) and the TK Tower Building (light green building). There are areas for design space, presentation floors, management and art galleries.

New York as of 8-23-03

Latest NY addition
Trim and final paint remain to be applied


The second themed area is called Discovery Cove. A futuristic and far away port-of-call for DisneySeas visitors. The area has a 'not-quite-abstract' design and a metallic color scheme. The central point for the land is a neon lit lighthouse which features a nighttime laser show. The two major attractions for the area are Storm Ryder and Aquatopia.
Storm Ryder is based on the same ride system featured on California Adventure's 'Soarin' over California' but is much more intense as riders are taken aboard an experimental aircraft for studying hurricanes. Aquatopia looks like a simple bumper boat ride, but actually features one of the most advanced remote controlled ride systems. It is located in the land's main body of water. There is also a DisneySeas Electric Railway station located in Discovery Cove.


The lighthouse with electric RR in the background.

Lighthouse and StormRyder Flight Supply

The final area featured is the "crown jewel" of the park, as it is the most immersive enviroment ever created on a scale this size. Mysterious Island is located in the caldera of Mt. Prometheus (the centerpiece or "castle" for this Disney Park). Guests will notice the elaborately detailed experiments that Captain Nemo and crew have built within the caldera. The 2 main attractions for this area are 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Journey to the Center of the Earth.
20,000 Laegues under the Sea is based upon the classic Disneyland original with 2 changes: it has thrills and it has no water. Mini-subs also replace the large originals. Guests are transported by overhead track and the illusion of water is created while the suubs travel through dry sets.
Journey to the Center of the Earth uses the Rocket Rods concept from Disneyland. Guests first travel the queue deep into Mt. Prometheus where tours were supposed to have been canceled for the day due to high volcanic activity, but no one seems to have noticed. Once in the sleek 6 person vehicle guests see beautiful scenes set full of unsual creatures and formations. Then a volcanic eruption blocks the way out and guests will need to ward off a VERY large and animated creature before blasting up, out and down the front of Mt. Prometheus at nearly 50 mph.

New entry to Mysterious Island near completion


Main caldera walkway. Volcania entrance on the left.

Entrance to Journey to the Center of the Earth

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